About Us

İnosis Software
INOSIS Software is a young company that has been operating in the software sector for many years and has been established by expert entrepreneurs who have experience working with all sectors. Inspired by innovations and system words, our company is a representative of a new mindset embracing the principle of creating solutions with the most appropriate conditions using "innovative systems" for customers in the sector.

Our company was established in technopark in 2010 in order to keep pace with the developing technology, to produce special solutions according to customer needs and to provide technological services during the transition of companies to the institutional structure.

Founded in 2010 as the Solution Partner of the Netsim Ofisnet ERP family, our company has succeeded in meeting the ERP software needs of SME-level companies with successful projects.

We are planning the future thanks to NETSIS software's customer experience and customer satisfaction.

We provide marketing and training services for companies that want to use ERP systems and become institutionalized and
We develop special software that integrates with ERP software for company specific needs.
Netsim Ofisnet is continuing to work on sales and support activities of ERP integrated products, special software products with the distributor channel established in Turkey.

With this knowledge, knowledge and experience, İnosis also carries out the Sales, Training, Implication and Support Services of its own software products which are produced mainly for the health and tourism sectors.