Goods Tracking System

Meet all your UTS needs with 100% Domestic Capital and National Software, Inosis!

Inosis Software offers software solutions to all manufacturers, wholesalers, warehouses, institutions and dealers within the scope of the Product Tracking System, with its 8 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Tracking System.

What is Product Tracking System (ÜTS)?

All product movements in the device trained with the Product Tracking System in cooperation with Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and Tübitak are requested on a lot and single product basis.

As Inosis, when the vehicle tracking system, which is an infrastructure designed for vehicles with vehicle planners, is considered singularly, the tracking system, which is a system designed for products that can be considered for all future vehicles, can be designed individually. also platform and solution solutions solutions.

Fast, Practical and Easy Integration in 3 Steps

No matter what software you are using, easily manage your notifications with our platform-independent ÜTS notification module!


For integration, first apply to the Ministry of Health and register your company, dealerships and products.


After the application, provide the digital key (belonging to your company) called "system token" and send it to us so that notification can be made to the ministry system.


Make your ÜTS notifications by choosing one of our integration options.

Our Integration Methods within the Scope of the Product Tracking System

• ERP Systems-Software
• Accounting Software
• Commercial Software
• Warehouse Automations
• Excel Files (xlsx, xls)
• Platform Independent ÜTS Notification Module

Who are the Firm/Institution and Other Stakeholders Covered by the Product Tracking System?

• Manufacturers / Importers
• Distributors / Warehouses (Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics)
• Medical Markets (Optical, Hearing Aid etc.)
• Cosmetics Markets
• Pharmacies
• TITCK – Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency
• KHGM – General Directorate of Public Hospitals
• SSI – Social Security Institution
• KİK – Public Procurement Authority
• HSGM – General Directorate of Public Health
• T.R. customs and trade Ministry
• Hospitals
• Citizens
• Family Doctors
• Provincial Health Directorates

Pharmacy Warehouse Automations

Core Modules and Features

End-to-end management and follow-up with current, bank, cash, stock, purchase-sale, delivery note, offer, order, reporting and many more basic accounting features.

Itriyat Deposu Otomasyonu

UTS Party Tracing

You can tracing principles of the UTS Standarts with a base of the party.

Itriyat Deposu Otomasyonu

UTS Singular Goods Tracking

You can tracking your goods which a singular base.

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UTS QR Code Tracking

You can follow your goods which require QR Code tracking, in accordance with the principles of UTS.

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7/24 Technical Support Service

Within the scope of our after-sales activities, your support, update and maintenance service requests are met instantly with our expert team.


• 24/7 Call Center
• Online E-Support Panel
• Expert and Experienced Team
• Approved by the Ministry of Health
• Pharmaceutical Tracking System Experience
• Medical-Manufacturer-Pharmacy-Pharmacy Warehouse Strong References
• 100% Domestic and National Software
• Compatible with Kosgeb Supports
• Chance to Buy with 18% VAT Exemption
• Auto Update Function
• Compatibility with Windows Operating Systems