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İno Mobile Confirmation

With this application developed for businesses that use procurement processes ,demand approval can be made rapidly by allowing the authorized persons to fall into the smart phone and evaluate the requests. In this way, by provided to save time, especially for busy executives implemented in different applications.

İno Mobile Area Assignment

Your business processes will proceed quickly and efficiently thanks to this application installed on your staff's phone.

Special Application Developing (Windows Phone - Android - IOS)

Inosis, develop special mobile applications for your company thanks to experienced software devlopers,for special solutions like this you have to connect with us.

İnosis Mobile Passport Reader

İnosis Mobile Passport Reader reads the information in the chip of electronic passports and transfers it to İnotur Haj Umrah and Tour software.

Inosis passport reader communicates between camera and MRZ(Machine Readable Zone) using data such as passport number,passport validity date,date of birth then data which read from passport transfer it to inotur hajj and umrah software.