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Inosis develop project-oriented solutions such as B2B and P2B spacial web applications with experienced staff.


Inosis Software is a work platform between B2B companies and supplier. Increased product options help increase product quality and eliminate payment and delivery problems.Inosis software adapts B2B systems to your company for lower cost and rapid delivery of products and services.


Inosis Yazılım is a platform that provides the business volume between the companies that serve the end users and the representatives who are the suppliers of these companies, with the representation screen we call P2B, as well as the B2B screen.After logging in to this platform, we can select the client we want to trade with and see our daily turnover, monthly turnover, total current and total sales on our home page, and we can follow the transactions of all our current customers more easily with our eye-catching graphics.Customer satisfaction will be ensured with the P2B system, thanks to features such as the quick order feature, the listing of out-of-stock products with the option to get a balance, and the current lists. Inosis Software will strengthen your company with the P2B solution it will offer you in this context.