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Inosis develop project-oriented solutions such as B2B,B2,CRM and spacial web applications with experienced staff.


Inosis Software is a work platform between B2B companies and supplier. Increased product options help increase product quality and eliminate payment and delivery problems.Inosis software adapts B2B systems to your company for lower cost and rapid delivery of products and services.


B2C is a trading format which giving information about the market everywhere in the world and pave the way for join the global market. Lower priced products entering the market increases competition among consumers and Lowering commercial transaction costs. B2C gives the power and globalize to your company with its solutions.


Customer relationships are effectively executed thanks to CRM (CRM:Customer Relationship Management) softwares.Sales, marketing and service processes are redefined customer focused using CRM systems.In this frame,Inosis Software give an innovative perspective to your company with your specific CRM projects.