Perfumery Warehouse Automation

Pharmacy Warehouse Automations

Core Modules and Features

End-to-end management and follow-up with current, bank, cash, stock, purchase-sale, delivery note, offer, order, reporting and many more basic accounting features.

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UTS Module

UTS procedures in compliance with the legislation are fully integrated with automation and are constantly updated.

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E-Invoice, Earchive, Invoice and Notebook Module

General / official accounting system with pre-accounting, warehouses within the company without using an external / additional program Portal/integrator/integration of GİB E-invoice, Earchive, E-mail and E-Ledger applications They can choose one of the methods and use them with our warehouse automation.

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Web Order - Ecommerce Module

With the username and password you will give to your pharmacy customers, online ordering of pharmacies, collection by credit card, current statement, You can set up the online E-commerce system that includes campaigns and reporting.

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Sales Representative and Representative Online Order Module

Representative working in the field, etc. You can increase your sales potential by enabling your personnel to place orders online.

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Pharmacy Invoice Transfer Module

Tebeos, My Pharmacy, Botanical, Byte etc. You can easily transfer invoices and data to pharmacy software.

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Serial-Lot-Mad Code-Expiry Tracking Module

You can follow the automatic amount and deadline according to the product type.

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Campaign and MF Module

You can track and manage your campaigns and surplus operations.

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General and Official Accounting Module

Managing all your declaration, accounting and general accounting transactions in accordance with the financial legislation within the framework of a uniform chart of accounts, your official ledger (journal, trial balance, general ledger, etc.) reporting. You can take.

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Compatibility with All Warehouse Types

Our warehouse automation, no matter what type of warehouse you are from pharmacy, tender, representative, import, export, pharmaceutical, medical, logistics It has been developed to meet all your needs.

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7/24 Technical Support Service

Within the scope of our after-sales activities, your support, update and maintenance service requests are met instantly with our expert team.